Hi, I’m Jen – writer, dreamer, encourager and creator. What started as a Caringbridge site when I was diagnosed with cancer has evolved over the last seven years into an examination of what happens when life goes off script. In telling those stories, I’ve noticed that life’s small plot twists can be just as important as the big ones – and that often, they’re the better story.

From the blog:


So the world has gone mad, nothing is in its usual place, and we’ve all had to scramble… Now what? For most of us, the nervous energy of the first weeks of quarantine has given way to a certain grim resignation: we’re going to have to keep doing this. So the question really becomes, how…

Adapting and growing

Well hello, friends. I realize I haven’t touched this blog in over a year – and it’s been a big year in our household, with some dazzling highs and breath-stealing lows that I really did intend to share here in some manner of eloquence. But then a global pandemic happened, and while I do hope…


Looking at my notifications on Facebook the other day, I saw one of those “memories” they periodically throw onto our news feeds – things we had posted that day in years past that they think we might want to remember. According to Facebook, seven years ago on that day I discovered that my hip was…