Looooooooong day at Mayo today, but we finally got the answer we had been waiting most for: the cancer hasn’t spread! I feel like now that I know where the starting line is, I can run the race.

And I will be more than glad to tell you exactly what the race is going to involve, and all the details of our day…later. Today started at 4 am and involved a ton of tests, along with at least 6 good panic attacks, and I am just fried. I’ve had people today ask me, “Aren’t you so happy? So relieved?” Yes and yes, but I’m so emotionally exhausted at this point, I can’t seem to feel my feelings. Or complete a thought.

So thanks for checking in on us, and I promise tomorrow I’ll write a proper journal entry. Right now though, I’m going to bed. I have about a week’s worth of sleep to catch up on 🙂

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