Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates, but there’s not much exciting to tell. I get a little better every day, which is encouraging. And, I’ve been surrounded by great friends and family, so when I’m not sleeping I’m enjoying their company. Rich went back to work and the kids

Love my coach Sara! She doesn't let me forget to do those ankle pumps. Ever.

Love my coach Sara! She doesn’t let me forget to do those ankle pumps. Ever.


went back to school on Tuesday, so my girlfriend Jeannine came over to be my nurse. That was a fun day, complete with my first official outing – mall walking. It’s absolutely pathetic how excited I was to get out of the house. I got passed by every 80 year old there, but it felt so good to be out and moving (and I’m coming for you, Mabel! Just wait till I’m stronger, you’re not going to know what blew by you). I took a three hour nap afterwards, but I did it.

Moving in general has been way better than I expected, and infinitely better than after my last hip surgery. I’m acing my PT exercises and – this is big – I can now get in and out of bed by myself. Now that may sound trivial, but it’s the difference between having to call for help every time I need to get to the bathroom and being able to just take myself. And one example of how little things can be huge.

Oh, and speaking of huge, the J Lo backside only lasted a few days, thank goodness. My left side is still decidedly swollen, but in a much less remarkable way. And that’s just fine with me.

All the lounging has taken a toll on my back – I mean, it’s just hard to recline without a recliner or to sleep hospital style without a hospital bed – and to spend so much of your day (and night) on your back. Enter my friend Joy, or as I like to call her, The Pillow Whisperer. Joy is a nurse at the hospital I went to, and when it became apparent that I was taking my pain pills as much for my back as for my hip, I called her. She is one of those servant-hearted friends who will drop anything for someone in need, and she did exactly that, coming over to our house to offer a pillow tutorial of sorts. Who knew we were doing pillows all wrong? She even showed me a way to legally lay on my side. Oh sweet relief! And it only took two people and five pillows to get me there. So thanks to Joy, I am resting much better. It is still massively more comfortable to stand or walk than to sit or lie down, but I figure that’s just nature’s way of making me do PT.

And, after a few nights I have mastered the art of getting onto my side without help. Ok maybe I shouldn’t call it an art yet – let’s be honest, it probably resembles a breaching whale as I attempt to launch myself and all my pillows onto my side. And I doubt it wakes Rich up any less than when he had to get up and help me. But I can do it. And it feels good.

I’m also starting to wean myself off my pain pills – not entirely, but a little – and so far it’s going well. I still have an enormous stash of bottles at my bedside, and thanks to the color-coded spreadsheet my dad made we are coordinating things very well – that’s is, if you don’t count the brief moment of hysteria that ensued when we thought I had accidentally taken a laxative instead of a stool softener. But I digress… Aside from the fact that they make me loopy and tired, I have to confess that the number one reason I want to get off the painkillers is because I’m dying to have a glass of wine. Is that shallow? I don’t think I even care.

So that’s the scoop for now. Things are going better than anticipated, which is a pleasure to report. I’ve now been out of the house a total of four times, and my mood improves with each outing. I’m getting around great on my crutches and looking to move to one crutch in a week or less. Most helpful for morale has been the continued love and support of friends and family. I love the prayers, phone calls, visits, texts and messages, and I’m so grateful to have so many awesome people cheering me on. It’s easy to have a good attitude when you have good support. Period.

3 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Way to go Jen!! Hopefully your recovery keeps it up and we can have our go as planned. When your parents leave let me know and I can bring some eggplant parm for you and maybe sausage and peppers for Rich šŸ™‚
    Love you


  2. You could never be shallow, Jen, esp. about wine. Simply ridiculous! Glad you’ve mastered the crutches, maybe even more importantly, the pillows. Can’t heal if you can’t sleep. BIG HUGS. Kari Anne


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